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Creating a Book Trailer Library


Responsable du projet en milieu scolaire :  Nina Wong

Clientèle visée et ordre d’enseignement  : Students with specials needs

Nom de l’école principale : Gardenview school, Commission scolaire English Montreal



The newest way to promote a book us with a video. These videos are called Book Trailers. They are similar to a movie trailer in that they are designed to build interest in an upcoming or current novel to encourage students to read the book that the Book Trailer is promoting !

Our aim was to complete a Book Trailer Library by the Gardenview community and to give access to the school community.


Students with special needs , codes 02,12, and 50 were targeted to participate actively in the project.


Since the project was targeted with the students with handicaps, social maladjustments including ASD or learning difficulties within an inclusive classroom , we had to adjust/ modify all IAP/IEP files.


Details if the project

Problem and Context

Describe the initial situation, problem or needs were you responding to. Who were the main partners and stakeholders ?

Target : Based on a review of the current psycho-educational evaluations and language assessments on file at Gardenview School for 2009, there was a need to improve literacy among the students with special needs (coded 02, 12, and 50) in cycles 1-3.

Teachers and resource teachers wanted a special tool to motivate the non- readers into the world of literature.


Progress Report


What did you do during the project ? What steps did you take and what tools did you use ?

Were the main steps completed on schedule ?

Where the discrepancies between expectations and outcomes ?

If so, explain why.

The start of the project was 2 months late because the money was not showing up in the school’s account.

PC computers were used instead of the MAC because of the easier compatibility of the transfer of files onto the Smartboard.

Yes, the timeline was respected from November 2009 to May 2010.

November – December 2009 : organization meeting with the resource team and specialists.

January – February 2010 : selection of the team and students

February- May 2010 : Creating the Book Trailers with the PC

May 2010 : Showcase of the productions, evaluations and distribution of the products.


Results or benefits obtained


Expected results :

Book Trailers were created by the Gardenview Team and students with handicaps, social maladjustments including ASD and learning


Difficulties within an inclusive.


The DVD Book Trailers were used as a literacy tool.


Publizing the project


Specify the methods used to introduce the project to the school staff (i.e Website, contributing to publications and participating in knowledge sharing). Are other dissemination activities planned ?


  1. Staff presentations were done at the school in 2010.

  2. Future presentations will be scheduled for 2010-11.

  3. EMSB resource network presentation planned for next year.

  4. DVD and materials were produced for the school’s Professional Library.

  5. DVD photo log created

  6. Email exchanges made

  7. Displaying of DVD during parent teacher gatherings planned


Possibility of use in other schools


How can you help to ensure that this project is applied in other context ? How can the new practices derived from this project be used in a real and effective manner in another environment ? To your knowledge, has this project been reapplied or will it soon be reapplied in other contexts ?

Open to sharing experiences with other teachers in other schools via emails, EMSB Network meetings, and Triad meetings.

After viewing the DVD’s , the other schools can follow the lesson to achieves the same results.


Specific conditions impact on the implementation of the project


  1. Lack of time within a bilingual school schedule prevented us from working at a leisure pace with the students was negative.


  1. Release time for the teachers to plan and prepare and work together with the students was very positive.


  1. Asking volunteer parents to participate would have been a good resource addition to the project in the future.


Extension of the project


Will the project continue beyond the period indicated on your grant application ? If so, will any adjustments or modifications be made to it ?

In the upcoming year 2010-11 :


We will make available the DVD on loan to other school interested in viewing them. Step by step instructions will also accompany the DVD.


This was a lovely productive experience for the team and students at Gardenview School. The total budget was used to release the teachers for the project.


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